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A Plant Based Version of “Chicken Riggies”
Baked White Beans With Cheese and Tomato
Immune Boosting, Cold and Flu Fighting, Garlic Soup

There are just a few simple ingredients and comes together quickly. Do yourself a favor, double or even triple the recipe and keep it on hand for adding to soups and stews, making risotto or popping in a few gnocchi and tossing in some beautiful cheese and roasted red peppers. It’s a versatile and useful base for many recipes.

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Slow Food Intl. Terra Madre 2018
Bourbon Chai Latte

On oakey rich bourbon is the perfect compliment to deep black tea and warming chai spices. With your choice of milk for creaminess and a tiny bit of rich maple syrup, you’ll have the perfect cold weather cocktail for all the fall and winters days ahead

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