Basics: Garlic Confit

Have you ever opted for take out, or something not so healthy because you didn’t have time to prep all the ingredients? I know I have! Peeling and chopping garlic is one of those things I just don’t enjoy. Carrots and I have a personality conflict as well. I think all of us have a least favorite meal prep task, right?

Success in changing how we eat really comes down to habit and ease. If it is hard, too time consuming or just not enjoyable, we are going to struggle a bit to get to where we want to be, but a well stocked pantry, fridge and freezer can help us get there. Having an array of excellent tasting staples in your fridge waiting for you is what makes cooking and eating well easy and so delicious.  

Some basics, like this modified version of a traditional garlic confit, take a little time and fuss but you’ll be rewarded with a go to jar of goodness that will elevate any meal. Are you starting a Whole30 in November like I am? This will be a game changer. Garlic Confit is mellow, soft, creamy and buttery. The oil is infused with the same rich and mellow roasted garlic flavor. Spread it all over everything like butter, add it to soups and stews, toss it with herbs and some of the oil to make a gorgeous sauce, mix it in with veggies. I am sure it will become one of your favorite staples.  

Why am I not sharing the traditional confit? There are a couple of reasons, the first being that many don’t have access to a cooktop that can reliably produce a steady low temperature. I have an induction cooktop so keeping the heat at a constant 180 degrees is easy. But to try to tell you where that will be on a knob ranging from low to high on a million different models...impossible. The other reason is the possibility of food borne pathogens. Garlic is a low acid ingredient and when it is literally smothered in oil, which is an anaerobic environment, the risk of Botulism increases. As a caution garlic in oil should never be stored at room temperature unless it has been processed in a high pressure canning process (not your instant pot!) at home or commercially, and once opened it must be refridgerated for safety. I just don’t feel any need to risk food poisoning when you can achieve a similar and delicious result without it. By cooking the garlic in the oil at a temperature of 325 degrees, we minimize the risk. But please, always refridgerate your jar and use it up within 2-3 weeks. This method will produce a slight roasted flavor that I don’t find at all unwelcome, in fact, I prefer to the the traditional confit. 

Easy Garlic Confit

Easy Garlic Confit

Easy Garlic Confit

by Colleen Cheechalk - Raised Roots


6 whole heads of garlic, cloves peeled

3/4 cups of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (you may need more) 


Preheat oven to 325 degrees

1. Peel all the cloves from your 6 heads of garlic

2. Add to a small oven safe bowl and pour the olive oil over the garlic. The cloves should be fully submerged, if not, add more olive oil until they are.  

3. Place in your preheated oven for approximately 35 minutes. Check after 30, if a clove is soft and spreadable they are done. If not, put them back in and check every 5 minutes until they are.

4. Allow the confit to cool, then place in jars and seal for the Refrigerator, and I would imagine it would freeze well, however, it would never last long enough to freeze in our house!