Taste Tips: Carbohydrates or Protein in the Morning?

I surf a whole lot of food feeds on the web while I eat my breakfast, and one thing really stands out for me, and that’s carbs and sugar! Somehow we’ve been programmed to believe that 1. we need to start our days with copious amounts of sweets, and 2. that we are all elite marathon runners! Ha! Unfortunately that isn’t the case. With 40% of our population obese, and leading the most sedentary lifestyles we ever have, maybe it’s time to rethink how we start our day? 

I had never been a breakfast eater until very recently, and I would struggle to get through my morning with zero fuel. I work hard here on the farm, both physically and mentally. My day starts at 3:30 am throwing 70lb bales of hay. But that’s brief, and then I’m in until sunrise and reading, researching and generally lounging. Some carbs would fuel that early morning work, but I’ve found that for me, morning is not the time for them. A nice Fatté like the recipe below does the job perfectly until I’m back in around 10:30 and ready for something to eat.


We need to fuel our bodies with the right foods at the right time, and for the level of activity we will be engaging in. Think honestly about how much activity you do each day, here are some scenarios:

  • Do you have a desk job, or are you a student?

  • Are you a construction worker doing heavy physical labor, or do you sit in a machine all day?

  • Are you on your feet all day working in retail or food service?

  • Are you an equestrian and farmer like me?

Let’s consider why so many kids come home famished after school. They’ve consumed breakfast and lunch that’s primarily carbohydrates and sugars, all that fast burning fuel when they were sitting at a desk all day. Now they’re home and crashing. If they had made both meals protein based they would have had energy slowly released throughout the day which promotes stable blood glucose levels and avoids the ups and downs, improves concentration and heads off the dreaded after school junk food frenzy. 

Protein is key for most Americans (who aren’t marathon runners!). And please add veggies, lots and lots of lower carbohydrate veggies! 


This was my breakfast this morning. It takes about 3 minutes to make and has 2 eggs and a large handful of arugula all quickly scrambled together in a tiny bit of ghee. I added a sprinkle of cheese and some peppers. My favorites for this are Engelbert Farm Moochego and Serrano peppers. Everything in my bowl, besides the cheese and ghee, was fresh this morning just a couple hundred steps from my kitchen door. I will be happy now until late afternoon when I’ll have a light lunch. We eat dinner fairly late so I spread my meals out, which is also a benefit of higher protein, lower carbohydrate eating. 

What does breakfast typically look like for you? Do you think you are eating to match your activity level? I’d love to hear your thoughts!