Beautiful, Accessible, Delicious Culinary Landscape Design

At Raised Root Garden Design, we believe that healthy, clean and fair food, as well as the freedom to grow it, should be available to everyone. Since 1999 we’ve been pioneering a holistic system of Therapeutic Agriculture that combines all the life changing opportunities for personal growth and improved wellness that come from horticulture, growing food, raising livestock, as well as a solid foundation in home economics and the lost art of Cookery.

The time has never been better for you to dig in to a beautiful raised bed garden full of nourishing food for your whole family. It’s easy, and we can’t wait to help you get started!

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Meet Colleen


I’m Colleen Cheechalk and I’m a career design professional…but a gardener and localvore cook in my soul.

Long story short, I’ve been designing gardens, cooking, growing and helping people with special needs for more than 2 decades, and I’m so happy to have the opportunity to bring it all together here on my new website.

Whether you’re ready to dive into the fun and goodness of kitchen gardening, looking for a great recipe, or wanting to bring the therapeutic benefits of gardening to your life, I’ll be here with a helping hand to guide you through every step.


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